Categories & Dues

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The Faculty Club is a unique phenomenon, and an important component of the history and tradition of the University. Dating back to 1923 with a foundation of kinship across disciplines, the Club today upholds that tradition and is committed to being a forum where ideas, camaraderie, friendships and social events are shared by all members within a unique, comfortable environment.

Situated on the historic Oval, between Mirror Lake and Orton Hall, The Club offers membership to any employee, trustee, graduate student, or alumni of The Ohio State University. Additionally, we welcome parents of currently enrolled students, faculty from other Ohio colleges and universities and community members who share the social and intellectual interest of The Ohio State University.

For information contact our Membership office (614)688-8592.

If you would like to become a part of this unique university tradition, click here to apply online.

  • University Membership
    • Membership open to individuals employed by The Ohio State University.

      • Monthly Dues $40
      • Initiation Fee $88

      *University Professor of Branch Campus- see Associate Category. Individuals employed by nationwide Children’s hospital and OSU East are included within this category. Also extended to any professor or administrator of all Central Ohio Colleges and Universities.

  • University Lunch Club Membership
    • Lunch Club includes a regular University Membership PLUS the option to have Lunch at the Club included for one low price.

      • Monthly Dues $140
      • Initiation Fee $100

      ** The included lunch portion pertains to the Main Dining room or Colleagues, Monday thru Friday only. Weekend Buffets or Brunches are not included. Lunch options are non- transferable. Lunch will be limited to a maximum credit of $10.95 for the Main Dining Room, and $12.95 for Colleagues Buffet, per meal. Member is responsible for all other charges including state sales tax and facility fee where applicable.  Member is responsible for 1 year contract. See Membership office for additional details.

  • Affiliate Membership
    • Membership open to Alumni, Presidents Club or affiliate group individuals of the university.

      • Monthly Dues $50
      • Initiation Fee $375

      Includes but not limited to individuals within: Alumni Association, Dental Society, Medical Professional Society, Battelle Memorial Institute, Chemical Abstracts, Campus Partners and community members.

  • Associate Membership
    • Membership for non-residential* university, golden and affiliate categories and faculty, staff or administrators of any regional campus.

      • Yearly Dues $175 
      • Initiation Fee $125

      *Non Resident Status: Individual must reside outside: Franklin, Licking, Union, Pickaway, Madison, Fairfield or Delaware Counties

  • Golden Membership
    • Membership category open to retired Ohio State University faculty, staff and administrators.

      • Monthly Dues $25
      • Initiation Fee $75
  • Parent Membership
    • Membership category open to parents of currently enrolled students of the university. Non-university employees only

      • Yearly Dues  $175
      • Initiation Fee $125
  • Departmental Membership
    • Available to Colleges, Departments, Schools, Centers, Hospital Programs, Executive Offices, and Libraries within The Ohio State University.

      • Monthly Dues $70
      • Initiation Fee $50

      Allows for seven (7) signers on account. Additional signers are $5 per month, per signer.

  • Corporate Membership
    • Corporate Memberships are available to entities whose personnel collaborate or have business contacts with the university.

      • Monthly Dues $80
      • Initiation Fee $375

      Allows for five (5) signers on account. Additional signers are $5 per month, per signer.