Clubs within the club

As a member of the Faculty Club, we hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity your membership has to offer!

Join us for lunch, dinner, or any of our specialty themed dinner events and mix and mingle with other club members. Discover your common interests among university colleagues that are eager for conversation, in the heart of campus! There are many unique clubs within our building that meet weekly or monthly that would love for you to be their newest member! Upon joining the Club, you are eligible to take part in the various interest groups that have become a longstanding tradition of the Club.

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  • The Ohio State University New Faculty Group
    • The Ohio State University New Faculty Group based at the OSU Faculty Club. Click here to view the Club's website.

      Moving to a new place and calling it home comes with its set of challenges. In an effort to help get settled in Columbus, several of us have started a social group, open to new OSU faculty, postdocs and their family, which meets on a weekly basis for things like festivals, conferences, dinners, happy hours and which shares recommendations on things like doctors, attorneys, child care, housing, etc. Our group is approaching 100 members and, with many of us sharing common interests, we've had the opportunity to take on some exciting new projects and interdisciplinary collaborations as well.

      All recommendations are available on the closed Facebook group:

  • The Ohio State University Women's Club
    • The Ohio State University Women's Club was founded in 1895 to stimulate intellectual and moral development and to promote fellowship among members in the University community. It still strives to achieve these goals. More recently they have enlarged the educational opportunities for students by providing funds for scholarships. More than twenty awards were made in 2006.

      The Group meets the first Monday of each month, October through May. Additionally there are subgroups that meet throughout the year representing interests in Antiques, Art, Bridge, Day Trips, International Dining, Drama, Gardening, Genealogy, Literature, Music, Lunch Bunch, and Quilters.

      For membership information, please contact VP of Membership- Brenda Hosey at [email protected]

  • Torch Club
    • The objectives of the Torch Club are to give members of different learned professions an opportunity to meet in the spirit of fellowship, to prevent the narrowing tendencies of specialization by developing a breath of thought and culture, and to foster the highest standards of professional ethics and civic well-being.

      The interaction among the various professions represented in a Torch Club is a stimulating and rewarding experience accomplished through informal discussions over dinner and the formal presentation of papers on topics on interest and concern. Everyone participating in the meeting benefits from the wide variety of thought in the papers presented and from the lively discussion that follows.

      The Torch Club differs from other service clubs, fraternities, unions and other professional clubs in method and purpose. The Torch Club is non-profit and non-political, sponsors or champions no causes or partisan movements and subscribes to no propaganda.

      For membership information, please contact Membership Chair- Dorothy Driskell at [email protected]

  • Tertulia Breakfast Club
    • The Ohio State University Retirees Association OSURA members as well as Faculty Club members participate in a Tertulia Breakfast on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except when the Club is closed due to holidays.) This “tertulia” is one for mixed company – both men and women enjoy the food and conversation and report this as one of their favorite activities.

      For more information about the Tertulia Breakfasts, please contact Jerome Dare at [email protected]

  • The Ohio State University Faculty Theology Seminar
    • Since the mid 1960's The Ohio State University Faculty Theology Seminar has been meeting every Wednesday at noon at the Faculty Club. The meetings are generally devoted to a Quarter-long study of a designated book whose chapters are sequentially summarized in writing by volunteers from among Seminar participants, who then lead the discussion of their chosen chapter.The Seminar meetings are open to any interested folk, however sporadic their attendance may be.

      The Seminar aims to provide a hospitable and stimulating interfaith context for attention to common concerns that confront people. The weekly sessions are held from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on those weeks classes are in session. Generally each Quarter is devoted to discussion of successive chapters of a book (often a best seller) that has been selected for study.

      For information on joining, please contact Walter Hull at [email protected]

  • The Ohio State University Faculty & Staff Photographic Society
    • The Ohio State University Faculty, Staff and Friends Photographic Society meets on the second Thursday of each month from September through May. Dinner and programs are open to all Faculty Club members and their guests. The society was organized in 1937, and has continued for 80 years in various forms.

      Contact: Lawrence A. Kennedy, 614-256-7743, [email protected] or Martha Warren at [email protected] .