The Faculty Club as it now exists opened during the Spring of 1939.

Before that time, 360 charter members had pooled their resources in a sufficient amount to provide furnishings and equipment for the original location within the halls of the Administration Building (Bricker Hall). However, the continued growth of the University eventually made new quarters necessary. While today the rich tradition of the Club can be seen through its well appointed rooms, one can also see beyond the tradition, recognizing the diverse opportunities offered to the entire Ohio State community.Today the Faculty Club remains true to its tradition while focusing on the future.

A Tradition Begins...

The following is a timeline taking us back to the beginning of what has become a rich tradition born out of neccessity and nurtured throughout the years with the support of the University and all of its many members.

APRIL 24, 1915

The first reference to a Faculty Club recorded in the minutes of the Board of Trustees.

APRIL 4, 1916

On motion of Mr. Pomerene, the Faculty Club was given permission to erect a Faculty Club House upon the University campus, the plans and final site to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

MAY 2, 1916

The President presented the plans for financing the proposed Faculty Club House and Architect's sketches.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1916

Plans were approved to erect a Faculty Club House on the South side of Observatory Road, between Oxley Hall and the Ohio Union.

JANUARY 10, 1922

At the meeting of the Board of Trustees plans for an Administration Building (currently Bricker Hall) which included space for a Faculty Club. The Faculty Club finally had a home and was housed in the Administration Building until 1939.

OCTOBER 2, 1926

The Board of Trustees approved a petition submitted by the Board of Control of the University Faculty Club which formally recognized the Faculty Club as an accredited agency of the university subject to the control of the Board of Trustees.

OCTOBER 10, 1938

The Board of Trustees approves the Board of Control's request for and funding of a new building. Funding provided by the Faculty Club membership and the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works.

APRIL 24, 1939

The Faculty Club takes up residence at 181 South Oval Drive, nestled between Mirror Lake to the West and Orton Hall to the East.