Anvil and Bellows

Creative collaboration, communication and innovation; happening here since 1923

Anvil and Bellows Room opened in February 2018.  This collaborative space, featuring flat screens, conference style and soft seating, will afford members and guests the opportunity to meet, study and collaborate in an area uniquely designed to enhance the member experience. 

hours of operation:

Monday – Friday 9:00AM -5:00 PM

*Hours may extend past 5 PM, based on club schedule. Click to view current weekly hours of operation

  • History Behind Anvil and Bellows
    • The name Anvil and Bellows has a long standing tradition, dating back to the 1940's and remaining active into the late 1970's as an informal group that met at the club, where a free exchange of views, from different areas of the University could come together. The Anvil and Bellows Club is said to have influenced university policy, holding discussions covering a variety of topics from the serious to the ridiculous. It is not known for sure, but it is suggested the Bellows portion of the name comes from the displacement of "hot air".

  • Read What Our Members Are Saying
    • "The Club continues to impress me with its ability to adapt to and satisfy the needs of a dynamic and diverse community of faculty and staff. The recent enhancements to the club lounge and the opening of the Anvil and Bellows room make the Club even more attractive to spontaneous collaborations and conversations with colleagues that support our culture of innovation. The Club's successful marriage of traditional and contemporary comfortable spaces makes it a frequent destination for me and my colleagues to connect and collaborate."

      "I am excited about the Anvil and Bellows Room at the Club since the room should greatly enhance my chances of interacting with other faculty and colleagues across the University. One of the reasons I joined the faculty club was to get to know colleagues from different program areas. My hope is that more faculty will join the club and realize what a great space it is and what a privilege it is to have it available for us. I look forward to meeting new colleagues and learning about their research interests. The wireless presentation and flat screens should be great for video conferencing and sharing slides not only with colleagues in the space, but beyond our brick and mortar University setting. In order to be successful today, we must learn to work with diverse groups across great distances to stay relevant, appreciate the global reach of our research, and to have an impact locally, nationally, and internationally. The room should be a great resource for us as it enhances our ability to collaborate with each and beyond."

      "My goal will be to use the space for student and faculty collaborations both within the University and beyond. The faculty club is a natural meeting environment and I plan on inviting more students and colleagues to our diverse spaces within the club. My hope with the room is that more faculty will get excited about the club and join in the new year so that we can collaborate and make the world a better place."