Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration Project
Save The Steinway

1930 Faculty Club, Administration Building, AKA Bricker Hall

The Club's Grand Model L has been with The Faculty Club since the beginning in 1923. 
It is only one of three pieces that have survived the entirety of The Club's 93 year existence, the other two being the large English Dining Tables in the Grand Lounge.  

 In January of 2016, the Faculty Club Board of Control approved a complete restoration of its Steinway Grand Piano in preparation for The Club's upcoming 100th Anniversary in 2023.  This important piece of our history, present and future, will be restored to its former grandeur, replacing key components with new and authentic Steinway & Sons parts.  The restoration process began in May and will take up to nine months. To see updates on the Piano's progress, click here!

If you are interested in donating to The Club's piano fund, you may do so by filling out the information below.    We look forward to  serving the campus community for another hundred years. 

For non-members:

Thank You For Your Generosity!

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